6385 Home Road
Delaware, OH 43015
Tel: 740-881-5338
Fax: 740-881-5428

Jason Haney, Trustee
(614) 499-6740

Joe Garrett, Trustee
(614) 206-4829

Bart Johnson, Trustee
(614) 519-3009

Jill M. Davis, Fiscal Officer
(740) 881-5338



The City of Columbus currently owns and operates three water plants, collectively supplying an average of 145 million gallons per day of drinking water to Columbus and surrounding central Ohio communities. The continued growth of population and industry in central Ohio, along with the need to increase reliability and resiliency across the water supply system, has driven the need for additional water capacity.

The design process for the fourth water plant was initiated in winter 2023 by the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) with the goal of bringing the new facility online by the end of 2028. The new Home Road water plant will be built on DPU-owned property along the Scioto River at the southeast corner of Home and Dublin roads in Delaware County.

Geotechnical investigations will continue to be conducted in Concord Township next week (through June 21) along Cook, Concord and Harriot Roads.

Click HERE for updated plant info.


For Immediate Release: Friday, May 31, 2024

The Delaware County Engineer’s Office is closing

Concord Road between Moore Road and Duffy Road in Concord Township for culvert replacement 6-10-24 to 6-18-24.

Please contact our office for any questions 740-833-2400 or visit our website at www.delawarecountyengineer.orgThank you for your cooperation.



Delaware County EMA Fan Drive

Delaware County EMA is once again coordinating the
collection of new fans supporting People in Need (PIN) of
Delaware County. All fans will go to county residents
served by PIN. Fan donations will be accepted at the
locations below from 8AM to 7PM, seven days a week
unless otherwise indicated. Heat is the #1 weather-related
cause of injuries and fatalities in the United States each
year. Your generosity can definitely make a difference.

-All Delaware County EMS Stations
-All Delaware County Fire Stations

      *Radnor Twp. FD: Limited to between 8am-4:30pm
      *Scioto Twp. FD: 8AM-6PM, 7 day/wk - rear of bldg.

-Delaware County District Library: All branches during normal operating hours

-Ashley Wornstaff Memorial Library: 302 E High St, Ashley, during normal operating hours

-Community Library Sunbury: 44 Burrer Dr, Sunbury, during normal operating hours
-People in Need: 138 Johnson Dr, Delaware, M-TH 9AM-4:30PM and FR 9AM-3PM

Followusandtheprogramprogressonsocialmedia: @delcoema     @ peopleinneedinc

click here for flyer

**The Concord Township Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. at the Concord Township Administrative Building, 6385 Home Rd., Delaware, OH 43015.  The purpose of the special meeting will be to approve, deny, or approve with modification the re-zoning application #ZC032024.**

The Concord Township Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting on Friday, May 31, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. at the Concord Township Administrative Building, located at 6385 Home Road, Delaware, OH 43015.  The purpose of the special meeting will be to continue the meeting from May 1, 2024 for the re-zoning application #ZC032024, filed by John Konovodoff with Maronda Homes, 5900 Wilcox Place, Dublin, OH 43016, from Farm Residential (FR-1) to Planned Residential District (PRD), and a preliminary development plan referred to as Clarkshaw Village on Bean Oller Road, parcels # 419-330-01-009-000 at 12.109+/- acres, #419-330-01-008-000 at 39.200+/- acres, and Clark Shaw Road parcel #419-330-01-016-000 at 12.110+/- acres, Delaware, OH, owned by Dulin Farms Ltd.  The application is available for public review on the township website under the zoning tab and during normal business hours at the Liberty Branch of the Delaware County District Library, 7468 Steitz Road, Powell, OH 43065.  Area residents are encouraged to attend.

The updated application dated May 22, 2024  is available to view at the Liberty Branch, Delaware County District Library and under the Zoning Tab, Home Page.



The Glick Road (Concord and Liberty Township) West-bound Lane, over the O’Shaughnessy Dam, will be CLOSED from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Monday (4/15) thru Monday (7/22).

This is a City of Columbus project where the City of Columbus has contracted with The Righter Company for the O’Shaughnessy Dam Gatehouse Improvements. This work will make masonry and lighting repairs at the power gatehouse, outlet gatehouse and pavilion, while also replacing broken guardrail balusters along sidewalk at various points along the bridge.

The westbound lane of Glick Road will close between Sawmill Road and Dublin Road from April 15-July 22, 2024. The lane will be closed 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday – Friday. 

Eastbound Glick Road will remain open throughout the project.

To allow for traffic for The Memorial Tournament, Glick Road will be fully open June 3-9.

This is a City of Columbus-led project. Questions can be directed to Project Manager Jacobi Schmalenberger at jacobi@rightercompany.com.

Epcon Communities provided updated files for the Courtyards on Concord.  Please use the following link to download the PDF version. 


Concord Township Building Rental Requests:

Will only be accepted by phone 740-881-5338 option 5.

Please leave your name, street address, phone number, and event date.

Phone calls are returned in the order received. 

The building is reserved three months in advance from the DATE of the event. 

Thank you! :)


If you wish to continue with the township contract pricing, you do not need to do anything - it will auto-renew; if you wish to opt-out of the fixed rates for the township electric aggregation program, there is an opt-out form to submit.

Dynegy Energy was awarded the low bid supplier for township electric for the Ohio Edison portion of the Township starting July 2023-June 2025 at $0.0692 per kilowatt hour, fixed for 2 years.  You do not need to sign up; your supply service will auto-renew. (Current opt-out, estimated Ohio Edison rate effective June 1, 2024 is $0.0929/kWh).

The AEP portion of the Township was awarded to Dynegy Energy for a three year supplier contract at a rate of $0.04956 effective May 2021-May 2024.  It will renew again with Dynegy for a one year term May 2024-May 2025 @$0.06299.  (Current opt-out, estimated AEP rate effective June 1, 2024 is $0.0768/kWh).

To reach Dynegy for sign-up, opt-out, or questions, please contact 888-682-2170.


To Concord Township Residents: You will receive a letter whenever there is a change to the township aggregation program electric rate.   Some of you express concern that this is an increase of what you are currently paying for electric.  Please see the email below the township received from First Energy (parent company of Ohio Edison).  

As Trustees, we just wanted to make sure you have all of the information you need as you decide to participate in the aggregation program or opt out. 

Bart Johnson, Trustee 

From FirstEnergy (2023):

AKRON, Ohio – FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE: FE) is encouraging customers of its Ohio electric companies – Ohio Edison, The Illuminating Company and Toledo Edison – to evaluate electric supply offers from competitive suppliers that fit their budget and protect against rising energy prices this summer. Due to the results of recent competitive auctions, FirstEnergy customers who rely on their electric company for all aspects of service are expected to see an increase in the price they pay for electric generation beginning June 1...

Customer bills are divided into two parts: a charge from a FirstEnergy Ohio electric company for delivering electricity to a home or business, and a separate charge for the actual electricity used by a customer. For the second component, customers can shop and choose a competitive energy supplier that may be able to offer a lower price for generation. The electric company is required to purchase electricity through a competitive auction process for “non-shopping” customers who do not choose an energy supplier, and the rate is reflected in the “price to compare” listed on their monthly bills. FirstEnergy electric companies do not control the price of generation, which is provided to customers at cost.

The prices, which update annually on June 1, are seasonal, with summer pricing in effect for the months of June through August, and winter pricing in effect for all other months...

To explore alternative electricity supplier options, customers can visit the PUCO’s Apples to Apples tool online at www.energychoice.ohio.gov.

As customers evaluate their “price to compare” (PTC) against alternative supplier offers, they should consider the price, plan structure (fixed or variable rate), contract terms and conditions, and any taxes, charges or fees that may apply. They can also explore ways to conserve energy by visiting www.firstenergycorp.com/save_energy.

Dear Concord Township Residents,

Re: Rumpke Trash Rate Increase

Starting with the April 1, 2023 bill, you will see an increase in you trash and recycling collection rates from Rumpke. Your rate for the next year will be $21.45 per month.  When the Township Trustees put this contract out to bid in late 2021/early 2022 we were facing inflation rates that were at a 40 year high.  Our concern was that a 3-year contract could reflect those historic inflation rates projected over the three-year contract.  Those concerns lead us to bid the contract with the yearly rate increase tied to the Consumer Price Index for Water/Sewer and Trash Collection Services.  We felt this was the fairest way to bid the contract to avoid companies projecting a 10% yearly inflation rate over the life of the contract. 

Starting April 1, 2023, we are in the second year of that contract.  The CPI increase for Water/Sewer and Trash Collection Services is 4.42%.  I have included the link to the data that was used for this calculation. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/CUSR0000SEHG

As a reminder, Rumpke does offer a senior citizen discount if you are 62 years old or older.  If you qualify and are not taking advantage of that discount, please call Rumpke at 800-828-8171.

**Starting April 1, 2024, the third year of the Rumpke service contract, the annual CPI increase is 4.8%.  The monthly billing rate will increase to $22.49.**

If you have any questions about the trash collection contract, you can reach out to any of the Concord Township Trustees.

Bart Johnson 614-519-3009

Joe Garrett 614-206-4829

Jason Haney 614-499-6740

If you have any trash and recycling service or collection questions please visit www.Rumpke.com or call their customer service at 800-828-8171


The new Keller Section at our beautiful Oller Cemetery (along Riverside Drive, near Bean Oller Road) is now open and available for grave sales.

Please contact Trustee Joe Garrett for more information 614-206-4829.






Recent changes in recycling markets have forced Regional Processing Centers to eliminate some of the items they will accept. The list below is the limit of what should be placed in your recycle cart. Other items may be recyclable, just not in this program.


     **NEW - Plastic tubs (i.e. margarine & sour cream) are now permitted! **


     Newsprint and mixed paper. No tape and place loosely in cart.


     Bottles and Jugs - #1 PETE and #2 HDPE with lids removed. Numbers 3 through 7 are acceptable but not desirable.


     Bi-metal, steel, and aluminum food and beverage containers


     Cardboard and Old Corrugated Containers (OCC); dry and broken down. Do not put "boxes-inside-boxes. Break them down flat and tie with a string or twine (not tape).


     Gable top containers from gravy, milk, broth, and whipping cream


STICK TO THE LIST! WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT! It’s no longer the quantity of what we recycle. Quality of clean items that are placed loosely in your recycling container will be the focus.







Concord Township Board of Trustees Meetings

2nd & 4th Wednesdays ~ 7:00pm ~ Concord Township Admin Building

6385 Home Rd., Delaware, OH 43015




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