6385 Home Road
Delaware, OH 43015
Tel: 740-881-5338
Fax: 740-881-5428

Jason Haney, Trustee
(614) 499-6740

Joe Garrett, Trustee
(614) 206-4829

Bart Johnson, Trustee
(614) 519-3009

Jill M. Davis, Fiscal Officer
(740) 881-5338


We are very fortunate to have a set of first-class firefighters serving our community.  Below is a complete list of everyone on our staff.

Fire Chief - Todd Cooper
Captain - Doug Kindell
Maintenance - Bob Varner
Fire Prevention - Jeff Kasberg

1 Unit

LieutenantRhyan Scholl
FF Chad Mast
FF Jeremy Scheeler
FF Jesse Rice
FF Joe Kelly

Part Time Staffing
FF Rick Thomas
FF Bryan Stover

2 Unit

LieutenantMicah Werling
FF Bob Barcus
FF Jim Reed
FF Gabe Hafner
FF Ben Thomas

Part Time Staffing
FF Derek Caplinger
FF Craig Coleman
FF Dave White

3 Unit

Lieutenant - Jerry Held
FF Jack Guyton
FF Keith Ernsberger
FF Tyler Gray
FF Greg Huff

FF Kyle McIntire

FF Kyle Helfer

Part Time Staffing
FF Bruce Bowman
FF Matt Mackan
FF Brian Lesch
FF Kevin Pape
FF Don Bird