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All Fire Articles

Concord Township Fire Department accepts applications at any time and hires when needed.  Complete the application and mail to:   Lt. Rhyan… Read More »
  Quint 3412000 Sutphen61' ladder1500 Gallon per minute pumpPut in service Dec 2001 Engine 3432007 Sutphen1500 gallon per minute… Read More »
About The Chief
Chief Todd Cooper has been a resident of Delaware County since 1966 and is a 20-year veteran of the Concord Township Fire Department.  He joined… Read More »
Fire Department In Action
Between training exercises and real-life emergencies, our fire fighters keep busy serving our Concord Township community.  Below are a few… Read More »
LT. Micah Werling
History: Concord Fire Dept. Since 2005 Marion Fire Dept. 2003-2009 Certifications: Firefighter/Paramedic Rescue… Read More »
Ben Thomas
History: Concord Fire Department since 1990 Certifications: Firefighter ParamedicHobbies: Motorcycling Read More »
Bill Arehart
History: Concord Township Fire Dept. since 1986Certification: Firefighter/Paramedic Rescue Technician ACLS Provider PALS Provider Hazmat… Read More »
Lane Berlin
History Concord Fire Department since 2008Certifications Firefighter/Paramedic Rescue Technician Continuing Education Instructor Associate… Read More »
Fire Prevention Tips
Always stay in the kitchen while cooking. Keep grills at least ten feet away from other objects, including the house and any shrubs or bushes. If you… Read More »
Greg Huff
History: Concord Township Fire Dept since 2004 Northern Union County Joint Fire District Certifications: Firefighter/Paramedic Rescue… Read More »
Tyler Gray
History: Concord Township Fire Dept since 2006Certifications: Firefighter/Paramedic Rescue Technician Fire InstructorHobbies: Riding… Read More »
Keith Ernsberger
History: Concord Township Fire Dept since 2005 Berlin Township Fire DeptCertifications: Firefighter/Paramedic Rescue Technician Fire… Read More »
 LT. Rhyan Scholl
History: Concord Township Fire Dept since 2001 Promoted to Lieutenant in 2007 Jerome Township Fire since 2007 Delaware County Sheriff's… Read More »
Jesse Rice
History: Concord Township Fire Dept. since 2009 BST & G Fire Dept.Certifications: Firefighter/Paramedic Fire Inspector Rescue… Read More »
Jeff Kasberg
History: Concord Township Fire Dept. since 1986 Washington Township Fire Dept.1980Certifications:   Firefighter Certified Fire… Read More »
Doug Kindell
 About Captain Doug Kindell    Captain Doug Kindell has served with the Concord Township Fire Department since September of 1991… Read More »
Bob Barcus
History: Concord Township Fire Dept. since 1995 Medflight of Ohio Central Ohio Fire Museum Volunteer City of Columbus Division of Fire… Read More »
Gabe Hafner
History: Concord Township Fire Dept. since 1996Certifications: Firefighter/Paramedic Rescue Technician Read More »
Jim Reed
History: Concord Township since 1999 Perry Township Division of Fire Clinton Township Division of Fire City of Marysville Fire Mount Carmel… Read More »
Jeremy Scheeler
 History: Concord Fire Department since 2005Certifications: Firefighter/Paramedic Rescue TechnicianHobbies: Spending time with his… Read More »
Bob Varner
History: Retired Concord Township Fire Chief 1997-2006Certifications: Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor Firefighter Hobbies: Boating Read More »
Jerry Held
History: Concord Fire Department since 1991Certifications: Firefighter/Paramedic Read More »
Jack Guyton
History Concord Township Firefighter since 1998 Certifications Firefighter/ Paramedic Fire Instructor Certified Fire Inspector Water Rescue… Read More »
Next of Kin Registry
The Next of Kin Registry is a voluntary program, allowing those with a valid Ohio driver's license, temporary permit or identification card to… Read More »
W.H.A.L.E.™ Car Seat Sticker Program
The Passenger Safety Program at Nationwide Children's Hospital is proud to introduce involvement in the W.H.A.L.E.™ car seat sticker… Read More »
Move Right for Sirens and Lights
If you or someone you love is in need of emergency assistance, you want help to arrive immediately. Did you know that there's one simple thing… Read More »
Emergency Medical Services
Central Ohio Poison Control Center700 Children's Drive, Room L032Columbus OH 43205Emergency Phone: 1-800-222-1222Prevent Poisonings Store… Read More »
Recreational Fires
These requirements are for campfires and outdoor fireplace equipment; whether for cooking food for human consumption or similar purposes, the… Read More »