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Delaware, OH 43015
Tel: 740-881-5338
Fax: 740-881-5428

Jason Haney, Trustee
(614) 499-6740

Joe Garrett, Trustee
(614) 206-4829

Bart Johnson, Trustee
(614) 519-3009

Jill M. Davis, Fiscal Officer
(740) 881-5338

Dear Concord Township Residents,

Re: Rumpke Trash Rate Increase

Starting with the April 1 bill, you will see an increase in you trash and recycling collection rates from Rumpke. Your rate for the next year will be $21.45 per month.  When the Township Trustees put this contract out to bid in late 2021 early 2022 we were facing inflation rates that were at a 40 year high.  Our concern was that a 3-year contract could reflect those historic inflation rates projected over the three-year contract.  Those concerns lead us to bid the contract with the yearly rate increase tied to the Consumer Price Index for Water/Sewer and Trash Collection Services.  We felt this was the fairest way to bid the contract to avoid companies projecting a 10% yearly inflation rate over the life of the contract. 

Starting April 1, 2023, we are in the second year of that contract.  The CPI increase for Water/Sewer and Trash Collection Services is 4.42%.  I have included the link to the data that was used for this calculation. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/CUSR0000SEHG

As a reminder, Rumpke does offer a senior citizen discount if you are 62 years old or older.  If you qualify and are not taking advantage of that discount, please call Rumpke at 800-828-8171.

If you have any questions about the trash collection contract, you can reach out to any of the Concord Township Trustees.

Bart Johnson 614-519-3009

Joe Garrett 614-206-4829

Jason Haney 614-499-6740

If you have any trash and recycling service or collection questions please visit www.Rumpke.com or call their customer service at 800-828-8171

Bart Johnson


Concord Township Trustees  

Spring in Concord Township is rapidly approaching!   Concord Township's prairie grass field located in the Concord Township Park at the corner of Home Rd and Dublin Rd has survived another winter.  The live growing parts of prairie plants are safely below ground, awaiting warm soil to begin new growth.   Above ground, there is a covering mass of the now-dead stems and leaves of last year's vegetation called "Duff".  Prairies grow best without the retarding effects of last-year’s duff.    
For large prairies, the only effective duff removal technique, one that has been used by humans for thousands of years, is fire.  March and April are the approved prairie fire months.  Park districts, wildlife areas, and other large prairies are being burned – but only under certain conditions.  In order to safely and legally burn a prairie in Ohio, specific notification of the burn must be provided to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.    Concord Township has obtained all required permits, has trained crews, proper prescribed fire equipment, and will be burning our prairie in March.
A prescribed prairie fire is rejuvenating and enhancing. It removes the growth-retarding duff, begins the warming of the soil, and allows newly-emerging sprouts to grow strongly without any shading.   After a fire, the blackened prairie landscape looks completely destroyed and void of any life. But prairie plants will then joyously explode out of the cleared ground in April and May.  Fires give new life to a prairie. With the cleansing fires, a new prairie season starts.



February 1, 2023

Concord Township Celebrates Ohio Township Day!

On February 1,2023, Townships celebrate the 25th anniversary of Ohio Township Day. House Bill 652, enacted in 1998, designated the first of February as Ohio Township Day and was the first year in which it was celebrated.  

This day has been set aside to recognize the hard work and dedication of township trustees and fiscal officers who promote grassroots government. As the first form of government in Ohio, the 1,308 townships across the state serve nearly 35% of Ohio’s population. 

Road maintenance, fire protection and EMS service, zoning and land use planning, and parks and recreation provide an example of only a few of a township’s responsibilities, which are governed by the Ohio Revised Code. 

Concord Township serves about 12,000 residents.

Legal Notice

The Cash Basis Annual Financial Report of Concord Township, Delaware County, for the year ended December 31, 202​2​ has been completed and is available for public inspection.  A copy of the report can be provided upon request by contacting Fiscal Officer Jill Davis, 6385 Home Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015, 740-881-5338, jdavis@concordtwp.org.


Legal Notice
The Concord Township Board of Trustees will meet during 2023 on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, unless otherwise advertised, at 7:00pm at the Concord Township Administrative Building, 6385 Home Road, Delaware, OH 43015. 


Public Service Announcement

As we head into the winter months, FirstEnergy’s utilities are encouraging customers to contact their electric company to enroll in payment plans or to receive referrals for bill assistance programs. These programs can help alleviate growing balances for customers having financial difficulty.

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Attention Ohio Edison Customers in Concord Township

If you are an Ohio Edison customer enrolled in the Concord Township Electric Aggregation Plan you may have received a letter from Volunteer Energy announcing their filing for bankruptcy. You will be placed back with the utility company for your electric generation.  You will not have a disruption in power. Below is a letter from our Aggregation Broker about the bankruptcy of Volunteer Energy. 


Click for: Aggregation Broker Letter



Tuesday, April 5th, 2022 was the first day Rumpke picked up trash and recycling in Concord Township.  If by chance you did not receive your new carts from Rumpke please place trash at the road in bags or your own cans. Rumpke will pick them up.  Please make sure you call Rumpke to update your contact info, or let them know you have not received your new trash and recycling carts.  Rumpke’s number is 800-828-8171.

Concord Township awarded a new trash contract to Rumpke.


The Rumpke contract will begin in April 2022. (Republic did not provide a bid to continue service.)  All township residents will have trash and recycling pick up on Tuesdays. 

Rumpke’s new rate for unlimited trash and recycling is $20.54 per month. Your invoice will come directly from Rumpke. Please call Rumpke’s Customer Service Center to update your information at 1-800-828-8171 or visit www.rumpke.com. You will also receive a mailer from Rumpke with additional information. 



The new Keller Section at our beautiful Oller Cemetery (along Riverside Drive, near Bean Oller Road) is now open and available for grave sales.

Please contact Trustee Joe Garrett for more information 614-206-4829.






Recent changes in recycling markets have forced Regional Processing Centers to eliminate some of the items they will accept. The list below is the limit of what should be placed in your recycle cart. Other items may be recyclable, just not in this program.


     **NEW - Plastic tubs (i.e. margarine & sour cream) are now permitted! **


     Newsprint and mixed paper. No tape and place loosely in cart.


     Bottles and Jugs - #1 PETE and #2 HDPE with lids removed. Numbers 3 through 7 are acceptable but not desirable.


     Bi-metal, steel, and aluminum food and beverage containers


     Cardboard and Old Corrugated Containers (OCC); dry and broken down. Do not put "boxes-inside-boxes. Break them down flat and tie with a string or twine (not tape).


     Gable top containers from gravy, milk, broth, and whipping cream


STICK TO THE LIST! WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT! It’s no longer the quantity of what we recycle. Quality of clean items that are placed loosely in your recycling container will be the focus. For additional information, please log on to www.summitreworks.com






Volunteer Energy was awarded the low bid supplier for township electric for the Ohio Edison portion of the township starting July 2020.  (Switching back to Ohio Edison for generation as Volunteer Energy announced bankruptcy as of April 2022).


The AEP portion of the Township was awarded to Dynegy Energy for a three year supplier contract at a rate of $.04956 effective May 2021.

(To reach Dynegy for sign-up or questions, please contact 888-682-2170.)





Concord Township Board of Trustees Meetings

2nd & 4th Wednesdays ~ 7:00pm ~ Concord Township Admin Building

6385 Home Rd., Delaware, OH 43015




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